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BAPU AUTO PARTS: a reliable OEM brand of Japanese truck parts
2020-09-03 00:00 BOSKET INDUSTRIAL LTD

In order to help you perform better in your market and find us a win-win solution, we would like to recommend you a reliable OEM brand of Japanese truck parts: BAPU.

It has the following advantages. First of all, all the products are under strict quality control so that they own the top quality among aftermarket parts. Secondly, the price of this brand's products is very competitive which will save your cost effectively. Thirdly, every single item is carefully packed and handled, with the strong and professional package. Last but not least, there is no need to worry about the supply capacity since BAPU brand has the most stable availability and shortest delivery time.

Selected items for BAPU brand:

Drag link: 8-97170158-0,8-97170160-0,8-97175323-0,etc.

Tie rod rod end:8-97222509-0,8-97222510-0,8-98228106-0,8-98228107-0,etc.

Shock absorber:8-98232673-0,1-51630512-0,1-51630381-0,1-51630838-0,etc.

Clutch plate and disc:8-97362235-0,8-97377149-0,8-98056355-0,8-98148063-0,etc.

Electrical parts:8-97173947-0,8-97264947-0,8-97256525-0,8-97358389-0,etc.


BAPU brand provides you the best value parts and the superior option to open your Japanese Truck parts market. Feel free to contact us if you have any interest or confusion about BAPU auto parts.

We will continue to provide product with good quality and competitive price in order to meet your customer needs. To cooperate with BOSKET is to choose a reliable one-stop service for Japanese Truck Parts!