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Engine Cylinder Liner Set knowledge
2021-08-30 00:00 BOSKET INDUSTRIAL LTD

What is a Engine Cylinder Liner Set?

Engine Liner Set includes Engine Piston, Piston Ring, Piston Pin, Cylinder Liner And Connecting Rod Copper Sleeve, Circlip, Cylinder Liner Water Blocking Ring. This group of parts is called cylinder liner set (commonly known as four sets, six sets, and seven sets).

How can the engine cylinder liner set be effectively maintained?

1. Choose cylinder liner with guaranteed quality;

2. The installation accuracy of the cylinder liner set. Especially for a thin-walled dry cylinder liner set, the size and position accuracy of the cylinder liner and the body hole is critical;

3. The quality of related accessories, such as air filters and fuel injectors;

4. Daily maintenance, especially the maintenance of oil cleanliness and engine temperature.

BOSKET Industrial Ltd. professionally provides various types of Japanese truck engine cylinder liner set such as:

1-87811434-0  6HH1   1-87811642-0  6SA1   1-87811701-0  6HE1T

1-87811795-1  6BG1T   1-87811849-2  10PE1   1-87812735-0  6SD1T

1-87812773-0  6WG1   1-87813119-0  4HK1   1-87813126-3   6UZ1