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Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice
2021-09-15 00:00 BOSKET INDUSTRIAL LTD

Dear friends

Thanks for your cooperation and great support.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Our holiday lasts from September 20th to September 21th. And we will be back to work on September 22th. During the holiday, our sales team is still available for your inquiry, but order can't be delivered until September 22th.

Thanks for your continuous support and wish you a very nice day!

#Extended knowledge

The Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021 is September 21, 2021 in the Gregorian calendar. The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone gathers to have reunion dinner, eat moon cakes, guess lantern riddles, watch the tide, watch the moon, and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with lanterns.

BOSKET Industrial Limited wish you a Happy Mid-autumn Festival!