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Product Line

To meet various demands of our customers, we offer four different quality levels with different pricing.

ISUZU Genuine Parts

100% imported from Japan ISUZU Company with the ISUZU package. It has the top quality and reasonable price.

ISUZU Best Value Parts

It’s ISUZU Company’s 2nd brand. Its quality is close to the ISUZU Genuine Parts and most of them are produced by ISUZU cooperated factories in China. The quality of BVP is trustworthy for sales and use, but its price is just about 50% of the genuine parts.

Qingling Brand

Also named “China ISUZU”, it is owned by QingLing Motors Company which is Japan ISUZU Company's joint venture in China. The Qingling Brand is a reliable brand targeted for ISUZU truck in China.

Aftermarket quality

Made in China, its structure is designed strictly according to the Genuine Parts and the quality is well controlled by Bosket Industrial Limited. The price is the most competitive and it has ready market in more than 100 countries in the world!