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Product Category

With ten years’ expertise and continuous effort, we have developed an extensive range of product line and fostered our advantage.

Details are as follows:

1. Auto parts suitable for Japanese trucks such as CXZ51K 6WF1/ CYZ51K 6WF1/ EXZ51K 6WF1/ FVR34 6HK1/ NKR55 4JB1/NKR77 4KH1/ NPR75 4HK1/ TFS/ DMAX etc.

2. Auto parts suitable for Japanese engine parts for Construction Machinery such as 6HK1/ 6WG1/ 6BB1/ 6BD1/ 6RB1/ 6SA1/ 6SD1/ 6UZ1/ 4HK1/ 4BD1/ 4BG1/ 4FE1/ 4LE1/ 4JJ1/ 4JG2/ C240/ C190 etc.

3. Auto parts for other heavy truck parts like FUSO/UD/HINO etc.

4. Auto parts for OEM brands such as water pump, oil pump, oil seal, piston ring, metal set, cable, repairing kit etc.